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Place Québec - 7 to 18 december 2022 - COP 15

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Inspiring whole-of-society actions

Active participation of civil society, indigenous peoples and local communities, and all stakeholders, in the processes of the Convention on Biological Diversity is of utmost importance for the successful implementation of the Convention and its Protocols.

Place Québec is a unique facility to encourage such participation and enable stakeholders to showcase action and commitments across society in support of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and its successful implementation.

It provides a space dedicated to multistakeholder gathering and dialogue, within and across constituencies, to foster the sharing of views and experience and the planning of effective and collaborative action for the benefit of biodiversity.

Situated in a large hall of the conference venue, Place Québec includes:

  • A conference room that will host multistakeholder events and dialogues, including high-level sessions during the High-level Segment of COP 15.
  • Hubs for the use of different stakeholder groups: indigenous peoples and local communities; women’s organizations; youth organizations; academic and research organizations; faith-based organizations; business, industry and finance organizations; and non-governmental organizations.
  • A similar hub for the use of agencies of the United Nations.
  • A larger pavilion for subnational and local authorities.
  • A lounge area; and
  • A stand dedicated to the Sharm El-Sheikh to Kunming to Montreal Action Agenda for Nature and People.

Place Québec will run from 7 to 18 December 2022 and all registered participants at COP 15 will have access to visit and participate in its events. On 15 and 16 December the auditorium will hold Action Day Dialogues – a series of events that will complement the High-Level Segment of the Conference and enable the announcement by non-Party stakeholder organizations of commitments and intended actions to the Sharm El-Sheikh to Kunming to Montreal Action Agenda for Nature and People in support of the implementation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.

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Place Québec has been made possible by support from the Government of Québec.



7-18 December 2022
 Montreal Convention Centre (Palais des Congrès de Montréal)
Constituencies of the global biodiversity community, stakeholder groups, and IPLCs

Place Québec will include a dedicated conference space that will hold a series of multistakeholder events, dialogues and sessions including high level meetings that will complement the High Level Segment activities.



Download the entire Place Québec Hub Agenda in 1 file
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Download the full Place Québec programme for Multi-Purpose Room | 210A
[last updated: 8 Dec. 2022, 11h30 pm - PDF - 272 Kb]

Download the Place Québec Auditorium Agenda in 1 file
[Last updated: 15 Dec 2022, 3:00pm - PDF - 336 Kb]

* Last updated on 15 December 2022 - 3:00pm -
(All files are PDF format with size less than 500 Kb)






Place Québec will run from Dec 7 to Dec 18 and all registered participants with a valid Priority Pass will have access to the exhibition space and sessions taking place at Place Québec’s auditorium.  For detailed information on COP15, please refer to the Information Note for Participants.





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 1001, place Jean-Paul-Riopelle
Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1H2, Canada

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