Nature for Life Hub

The Nature for Life Hub (24-25 and 28-29 September 2020) offers a virtual venue for multiple events as part of the four-day program. Hub organizers work with champions, mobilizers, leaders and speakers who inspire and engage global audiences.

To coincide with the 75th UN General Assembly, and in the run up to the UN Biodiversity Summit, UNDP and partners created a four-day “Nature for Life Hub”- a virtual space where global leaders will share stories on the importance of nature for sustainable development. Leaders participating in the ‘Nature for Life Hub’ will invite a virtual audience to engage in thought-provoking exchanges, and will engage a wide variety of sectors, including governments, businesses, financial institutions, youth and local communities. All events will showcase nature-based solutions in policy, in practice, in communities – but most of all, in action.

Watch Convention on Biological Diversity Executive Secretary Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, UN Environment Programme Executive Director Inger Andersen, United Nations Development Programme - UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner and other global leaders at the opening of the Nature for Life Hub.


Nature is intricately linked to solving some of humanity’s most vexing challenges – securing enough food and water for a growing population, tackling climate change, buffering humanity from some of the worst impacts of a warmer and less predictable world, and ensuring a more just and prosperous future for all.

By diminishing nature, we are diminishing our resilience and our very future.  This set of sessions takes a closer look at how protecting, restoring and sustainably managing nature can help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially those related to climate, health, security, water, jobs and livelihoods.

Over the four days, the Hub will take audiences on various thematic journeys, delving deep into specialist topics, practical solutions and ambitious actions. The virtual Hub will be an opportunity to hear from political and corporate leaders, the world’s youth, indigenous and community leaders, local authorities and cutting-edge thinkers, leaders and practitioners. Each day will culminate in key messages to be fed into UN biodiversity-related discussions.

The themes of each day are the following:

  • Day 1 Recognizing the value of nature in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Day 2 Greening our wallets in development, finance and business.
  • Day 3 Creating a planetary response to our planetary emergency.
  • Day 4 Celebrating the power of local action on nature for development.

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Co-operation and Partnerships


The themes of the four-day Nature for Life Hub reflect the essential systemic transformations we must see if we are to bend the curve on nature loss, including:

Transform financial systems and redirect finance and investments in order to accelerate nature-based solutions, and accelerate the creation of a nature-based planetary safety net.

Strengthen governance and rule of law by ensuring a national nature-based safety net approach that protects and enhances the rights of people vulnerable to biodiversity loss.

Transform global consumption and production systems by fostering consumption and production practices that do not lead to the destruction of nature.

Catalyze systemic change that places nature firmly at the heart of national sustainable development and sectoral planning.

Mobilize demand for action for a nature-positive future across all of society.