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Greening the Blue Report 2020

“Just as humanity does not exist in isolation, neither does the UN System" -- Secretary-General António Guterres on the new "Greening the blue" sustainability report

Greening the Blue is a UNEP initiative to engage and support the UN System in the transition towards greater environmental sustainability in the management of its facilities and operations. In collaboration with hundreds of UN personnel from across the UN System, UNEP annually collects and analyses information provided by entities on their environmental impacts and publishes this data and case studies in the report.

The report focuses on the environmental impacts of over 310,000 personnel in Headquarters, operations on the ground and field offices, including those of the The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. 

Hundreds of personnel, from Headquarters to remote offices on the field, work on the data collection in an effort to continuously improve the data accuracy and the coverage of the environmental inventory.


When it comes to biodiversity, UNEP's 2030 objectives are the following:

  • Avoid adverse impacts on biodiversity from United Nations facilities, operations and activities.
  • To achieve the objective, each entity will look at aspects such as: biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity is a new environmental impact area to report on for the UN System. Specific indicators and guidance on biodiversity will be developed in 2021, in line with the principles of the UN decade of Biodiversity Restoration.

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